Thank you so much for booking a couple shoot with me! I am really excited to be working with you soon.

For most people, a photoshoot with a professional photographer is a new experience. So I thought I would put together a mini guide for you, so that you can prepare for our shoot and make the most of your photographic experience with me. I hope this guide helps. If you have any questions please let me know.

I look forward to working with you soon and make some fantastic images together.

Thank you.

– Andrea


Our shoot together will typically last a few hours and the idea is to get some great photographs which represent who you are as a couple.

Couple shoots are an excellent way to celebrate each other by taking part in a fun and rewarding creative process and make some lovely memories along the way.

Personally, I have always been fascinated about human connection and image creation. This is why I love my job so much, because I get to meet and work with so many unique couples on a daily basis and create photographs for them to enjoy. My job is my passion, and being able to share what I love doing with you and pass on my enthusiasm for photography is a real privilege for me. So please feel free to engage in the process as much as you like and ask any questions you have.

I consider you as more than clients. To me you are not only models for the day, but equal collaborators in the crafting of stunning images. For this reason, on the day of our shoot, be prepared to dive into the wonderful world of photography, explore some great locations, shine in some stunning light, and have a lot of fun in the process.

I can guarantee you that by the end of the shoot you would have had a great time and will have some fantastic pictures to remember this moment you shared together.


Aaaaand breathe…

It is absolutely normal to feel a little nervous and apprehensive about your up and coming photoshoot, especially if you have never worked with a photographer before. And even if you have, butterflies are normal: ask any professional model and they will tell you the same. Feeling nervous of a camera is a very natural feeling to have.

I’ll let you into a little secret. What you may not know is that no matter how experienced you are as a photographer, the idea of photographing a couple you have never worked with for the first time is also a little scary for us too. In fact it is nerves which keep us on our toes and push us to be the best we can be for our clients because being nervous means you care.

So, know that we are in this together!

My priority is to make you feel totally comfortable and relaxed throughout this whole experience and to make you look great.

So my advice to you is to erase all worries from your mind because you WILL be great and I guarantee you that you WILL come out of it having enjoyed yourself.


Choosing the right location is key because it sets the scene for the whole day and the outcome of the photographs.

Obviously, you are not alone in choosing locations. I am here to either suggest or help you select what is right for you, so don’t worry. Never the less, feel free to tell me your thoughts and suggestions and we can find the right fit for you which will make the shoot that little bit more special.

When considering a location for your shoot, ask yourself these two key questions:

1. How does this location make me feel?

Feeling comfortable during your shoot is very important. You want to have a good time and feel natural, so that when you look back at the pictures they will bring up great memories. Making you feel comfortable and relaxed is a big part of my job and a huge priority to me. Part of this has to do with where we choose to shoot. We are all different and certain places which might make one couple comfortable might make another uncomfortable. So, consider a place or an activity which makes you feel good as the basis of your location selection. Also, you might want to think of any locations which mean something to you specifically or which you can feel at ease in, like where you first met, or a special place you like to visit, or an activity which you love doing together. 

2. Is there a location which looks good and matches your aesthetic and vibe?

Full disclosure, I hate the word ‘vibe’ but it’s hard to put it any other way. As a couple, consider your sense of style, your look and your energy, and see if there is a location which matches, brings it out or emphasises it. Remember that sometimes opposites work well too, but generally speaking try to stick with a location which complements your look. Are you an edgy couple? Are you more demure? Are you more country and outdoorsy? Are you a real city lover? Think about this. Know who you are and own it.



Prepare to Explore

My job is to aim for variety. This is why, more often than not, we will need to explore a few different locations during our time together. The locations might not necessarily be miles apart, but it does means we might have to walk from one site to the next or – as in the case with outdoor, beach or nature shoots – walk from where we can park our vehicles to the place of the shoot itself. So please make sure that you are ready to go for a little walk and remember that it is okay to bring more comfortable clothes and shoes to change out of to get you from A to B.

If you have any mobility issues or general concerns, please let me know and that way we can plan a friendlier route or location for our shoot together.

Isle of Wight engagement shoot


Great light translates into a great photograph. It’s really as simple as that. But finding and working with great light is not a simple task, and that’s where I come in.

There are a lot of types of light. Hard, soft, direct, indirect, diffused, flat, harsh, side, back, front, clamp, speckled, top, bottom, cool, warm, the list goes on and on and on.

On the day of your shoot, we will have to work with what we find and that is part of the fun.

In order to maximise our best chances of finding great light, I tend to avoid working within or around mid-day. The best times to meet are either very early in the morning or later in the afternoon, ideally within a few hours from sunrise or a few hours before sunset.

Preferably, the afternoon option is almost always better for two reasons. The first is that, unless you are a professional model, not a lot of people like the idea of waking up an hour before dawn to go take some romantic pictures of themselves. The second, and perhaps most important reason, is that by starting the shoot in the afternoon, the light gets better and better as the shoot goes on. Plus we have a great opportunity to catch the sunset, by which time you will be superstars in front of the camera and feel nice and relaxed to make some final spectacular pictures as a grand finale to the shoot.



I am a real sucker for sunsets. Yes I know they happen every day but for me they never get old and every time I see one it’s as if I’ve seen it for the first time. Whenever possible, I will try to end the shoot around sunset in a location where we can experience it together, in order to capture all of the magic the golden hour has to offer us and end the shoot with some show stoppers.


Most of the times, the first question I get from a client after they book a shoot is: what do I wear?

It’s a tough question, because we are all individuals and therefore by definition everyone is different. I want to highlight you and your personality rather then impose a certain aesthetic on you. Having said that, I have some tips and tricks to help you plan your look on the day and give you a little more guidance as to what looks good on camera and perhaps what to be aware of or avoid.

With that in mind, here are my tips in regards to style:

What makes you you? First and foremost, I recommend picking something that suits you and your style, so that you both feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing and in yourselves (more on this topic in this section’s Top Tip entitled  ‘Dress for Confidence’).

Design your look as a couple – I am not suggesting matching outfits – that might be a bit too much – but please make sure that whatever you choose as individuals, it also translates as a solid couple look. You want something that works well together. So try to stick to a theme. Are you casual or smart for example? It’s best to both be smart or both be casual, as this will complement each other’s look and you will create a stronger visual image together.

Know your where and when’s – This point is a very obvious one but you will be surprised by how, in the excitement of the shoot planning stage, so many people forget to consider it. So, despite me risking to sound like Mr Obvious here, I have included it on my list of things to remember. Pick something that is suitable for the location, weather, and the time of the year and day we will be shooting in. So if, for example, we will be shooting in the middle of a Rome on a sunny warm June day, you will be considering something very different than if we are shooting on a cliff on the Isle of Sky in late Autumn. Remember that the opposite is also true, that is to say that if you want to be dressed in a certain way then you can plan the look and book a season which allows you to achieve it. Obvious I know, but as I said before, when you are planning a shoot and overthinking things and options about the shoot you will be surprised by how this is often the first thing that gets neglected. Also, for those of you new or just visiting the country, a few things you need to know about weather conditions in the UK. Here in the UK the weather can be very unpredictable. We can often have all four seasons in a span of a few hours, so come prepared in case the weather turns or shifts as the shoot progresses. Also remember that nature trails can get muddy even in warm dry summers, so make sure you bring adequate changes of shoes (or even clothes) if this is what you feel is best to go from location to location easily and comfortably. 

Dresses & Skirts – Unless you feel that rocking a trouser is your thing, then I always encourage ladies to wear dresses or skirts rather than trousers. They tend to flow better in images and add a bit more romance factor to the shots. Try not to go for something too short though, as this will limit our posing options. So if in doubt, favour something longer and more flowy. 

Jeans – This is meant especially for the men (but ladies this can also be for you). Now I love a good pair of jeans like the rest of us, in fact I might even be wearing one on the day, but guys try to wear something other than your every day jeans for your shoot. This is your time and opportunity to spice things up a little and to look your best, so why not put something on which makes you feel a little more special? Make an effort boys – I guarantee your ladies will appreciate you for it. Having said that, if jeans are your thing, then that is great too. Just remember that this is your moment to shine so make sure those jeans are making you feel handsome and comfortable and you haven’t just picked them because they are your go-to option.

Hair – Style your hair in a way which make you feel good. Ladies, keep in mind that if you are after a more romantic, raw, sensual, hair flowing in the wind kind of look, then I recommend you wear your hair down. Feel free to bring hair accessories if you want some variety with hair up and down.

Make-Up – When it comes to make-up, ladies you know best. Personally however, from a photographer’s perspective, I can say that the more natural the skin looks (think tone and texture), the better it will translate on camera. Remember that if on the day you have a blemish or two, that’s perfectly okay. Don’t worry and make a big deal out of trying too hard to conceal them and risking over doing it. Go with what looks and feels good for you and know that I have a trick or two to make any blemishes magically go away during post production, so don’t feel the need to stress about little things like that. Finally, if you want a fully pampered photoshoot experience, then why not get your glam on and consider booking a professional make-up artist to shadow us on your shoot? Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and I will get you in touch with some great artists.

Adding Variety – If you are unsure of what you would like to wear or have several outfits you really like, then feel free to bring along a few options. We can always go relaxed first and then change to dressy for example. Just remember that if we are shooting outdoors, the changing facilities will have to be improvised, which usually means either your car or ‘al fresco’ (i.e. behind a bush somewhere private). 

Colours, Patterns & Textures – Try to avoid busy patterns especially for mens’ shirts, as this will create a very distracting image. Dresses can be a little more forgiving so I will leave it up to you to make the call. Also, try to stick to colours which complement each other as a couple, and when possible go for something more toned down and neutral like earthy tones, pastel colours, deeper darker tones (especially for guys), and simple patterns. Likewise, think about the location we will be shooting in and try to pick colours which complement it. So, as an example, if we are shooting in woodlands in spring or summer where the backgrounds will be predominantly shades of green, then perhaps try to go with colours which work well in a complementary way, which might mean pink or red dresses for the ladies and deep blues for the men for example. Finally, have a think about adding accessories and also think about material textures (lace, cottons, leather, woollens, etc) and how they work together with your look and with your partner’s look.

Colour Casting – Some vivid colours can sometimes reflect that colour cast up onto your or your partner’s face and skin, so keep that in mind. If you are not sure if a particular favoured colour might cause this, wear the outfit in front of the mirror under some bright lights (usually your bathroom/make-up light works well), stand close to one another and pay attention to your face tones. Can you notice a different colour hue on your or your partner’s face? Is that bright lime green top you love making your boyfriend look a little seasick? If so, consider changing the top or bringing a backup look with you. 

Empty Pockets = Happy Photographer – We all carry a lot of stuff with us on a daily basis and we tend to always have our pockets filled. While we shoot, make sure you have empty pockets as filled pockets will make you look lumpy. And remember this includes mobile phones as nobody likes the rectangle-on-leg look. I will remind you of the empty pocket rule on the day of course, but please make sure you have a bag or something to put all your pocket items in and keep them safe for the shoot.

At the end of the day, fashion should be fun and it’s just another way of expressing yourself. So don’t worry too much about trying to tick all the boxes and sticking to all the tips I have mentionned. What I have outlined here is a list of things which should be seen as helpful tips rather than strict requirements. If you need any advice or want to discuss your options prior to the shoot, I am here to help so don’t be shy and get in touch.


Dress for Confidence

Clothes are powerful things. It is very important to feel comfortable in the clothes you decide to wear on your shoot. Make sure you wear something which you feel 100% good in – both in the way it feels as a fit, but also in the way it makes you feel about yourself. Feeling good in your clothes will make you look great because you will exude confidence, and a confident model is also a more relaxed, natural and attractive one. So, when going through your style options, always remember that if all else fails, go with something that makes you feel like you can get out there and take over the world.

Andrea Verenini Gabe McClintock Wedding Photographer


I am very easy going and that reflects on how I work. During the photoshoot, one of my biggest priorities is try to create a comfortable and relaxed working environment so we can all feel good and have some fun. I will never get you to do something to make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, so know that I have your best interest in mind at all times.

Many of my couples come into the photoshoot with the fear that they have to somehow have become professional models overnight and arrive on set ready to preform. That’s not the case at all with me – so get any “performance” ideas and fears out of your head as there is nothing I expect you to do. And for the record, I work with models a lot too as a photographer and I, in all honesty, much prefer to work with real couples (sssh… don’t tell the models) because I find it easier and a more fun shooting environment.

The way we will work together is through directions. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you guys looking and feeling incredible, so all I want you to do is focus on having a good time. I will give you directions and you will interpret them as only you will know how. There are no right or wrongs in this as we are all different, so just be yourself, relax and enjoy yourselves!

Finally, I want to refer back to something I have already mentioned before because it is very important. At the beginning of the shoot, you may feel a little awkward or shy. Let’s face it, a photoshoot is not a natural situation we are used to be in on a daily basis. This is okay. It is perfectly normal to feel this way, in fact I would worry if you show up on set without an ounce of nerves. My advice to you is, simply, to embrace the awkwardness. It will go away quickly and by the end of the shoot you will have had a great time and question why you were even nervous in the first place.



Go with what feels right for you in the moment. This is very important. I will be giving directions – some very specific, some very general – to get you in a particular pose or mood. However, don’t feel like you have to be a marble statue, if you have a feeling and want to go with it because it feels right in the moment, then go for it!


I will deliver your fully culled and edited images within 2-3 weeks after your couple shoot.

I never like to rush this process as I want to make sure I spend the right amount of time editing your photos so they are the best they can be and to a standard I am happy with.

As soon as the images are ready, I will let you know by emailing you a web link.

I will deliver your images as high resolution jpegs through your very own bespoke private online gallery. The online gallery is accessible only by password to keep it safe and private to you. Furthermore, you will have the ability to order prints directly from the gallery if that is something you are interested in, as well as share the gallery with friends and family seamlessly by a click of button.



Sharing is Caring

I’m more than thrilled if you share your favourite images on social media, so feel free to share the love, in fact I encourage it! The only thing I kindly ask, as a courtesy, is to consider tagging me into any content featuring my photographs on Facebook and/or Instagram with my official handle @andreavereniniphotography. 

Thank you so much in advance.


I hope this guide helped in some way to get you in the mood for your photoshoot.

Thank you so much for booking me and for trusting me with your photographs. I really can’t wait to have a great day together and work with you.

I will see you soon, but until then, please remember that I am at your full disposal for any questions you may have, so please feel free to call me, text or WhatApp me on +447739836830 or email me on anytime you like.

Thank you.

– Andrea