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Soulful Visual Storytelling
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We are Andrea and Eloise: Italian-English husband and wife team of luxury cinematic wedding photographers working with unique couples all over the world.

We are not your average conventional wedding photographers. Our approach to our work is fully client focused and our photography is driven by our passion and a desire to capture the essence of you, your individuality, your beauty, your story and the emotions of your day in all of their forms.

Our unique luxury cinematic wedding photography style is a blend of innovative creative techniques coupled with a pinch of nostalgia for the great beauties of the past and is powered by our passion for expressing emotion and exploring the possibilities of light and shadow with our cameras. Our work has been featured in some of the most iconic magazines and our photographs have won multiple awards, culminating with having been recognised as visionaries in our field by winning our industry’s most coveted prize in 2021: the prestigious Rangefinder Magazine Rising Star Award.

But beyond the recognition, our real pride comes from being able to do a job we absolutely love doing together and having the great privilege of being asked to create timeless memories for our clients.

We love to work with couples around the world who share our passion and if that’s you, then we really look forwards to meeting you.










This is Visual Alchemy

For us photography is a tool, not a product. Just like a sculptor uses a hammer, a painter a brush, and a musical an instrument, we use photography to create and express ourselves. The end result is a photograph. But a photograph is not just an image. It is a form of magic. “Magic” we hear you wonder? Yes magic. Our lives are a live show. A ticking timeline of moments one as unique as the next. Unrepeatable. Unique. A photograph has the power to capture a moment, to freeze an instance, preserve a minuscule fraction in history. A moment which is over as soon as you release a shutter. Never to happen again.

Through our creative eye, our unique style, and our philosophy, we seek to preserve as many moments in all of their power and emotion for our clients. Through our photographs, we stop time and turn it into memory. Forever. To relive over and over again with the same intensity as when it was first lived. A memory that, as time goes by, will evolve in meaning and grow in intensity as you go through the beautiful circus of life.

So you see, when we talk about photography, we are talking about something that goes beyond photography. This is visual alchemy. This is what we do. So when you book us, you are not just booking photographers, you are investing in bespoke memory makers as unique as you are.

Kind Words that make us Blush


“Beyond photography.”

“Can’t stop viewing our pictures. These guys are wizards with their cameras.”


“These two are incredible artists. What makes their work even better is how sweet, fun, and easy they are to work with. We can’t imagine our wedding without them.”

“Eloise and Andrea have a unique eye and the way they see, captur, and edit a wedding is unrivalled. Totally unique.”

“Visual poetry.”

“Obsessed with these images and with you! We can’t stop scrolling through our collection. Thank you!!”

“Images that should belong on the walls of an art gallery.”

“Pure joy to work with.”

“So friendly and unobtrusive on the day, and yet so incredibly powerful in their images.”

“Beyond what we thought was possible. Works of art, from the first shot to the last.”

“Editorial and timeless… but also so intimate.”

“We don’t know how they did it, but they managed to capture our emotions in every single shot.”

“Friends with cameras… Except unlike our friends they can actually take stunning pictures!”

“We laughed, we cried, we were speechless by the results. We felt every photograph. Andrea and Eloise’s pictures of our wedding made us relive our day in the most powerful and gorgeous way.”

“Hauntingly beautiful.”

“Unobtrusive ninjas on the day delivering killer images which you just can’t stop looking at.”

“Eternally grateful to have met these two. Their work is unreal and their whole approach to our wedding day was unrivalled. We felt special and seen.”

“Incredible service and genuinely heartfelt. While we were planning the wedding they where a guiding light and always there for advice. During the wedding day itself they were so friendly, genuine and blended in with our guests seamlessly. They made all our nerves go away. After the wedding they just exceeded our expectations with the results. We can’t thank Eloise and Andrea enough!”