We are Andrea and Eloise.

Award winning husband and wife team of photographers who love to travel and work with exciting couples around the world.

We have been happily exploring the world together half our lives ever since we met at 18 and today live with our two cats / studio assistants: Minnie and Elvis.

Together we form Andrea Verenini Photography and together we love to capture your love stories in our unique award winning style which speaks of truth, romance, a pinch of mystery, and endless timeless beauty.

In our career, we have been named amongst some of the best wedding photographers in the world, have had our work featured and published in iconic magazines and awarded as one of Rangefinder’s Rising Stars and although all this makes us feel a little tingly inside, the real dream is being able to do what we do thanks to the trust of our incredible clients of which we are truly grateful.

So, whether you are planning a grand luxury wedding in a breathtaking period home or are organising an intimate elopement in the city or in the wild, we would love to hear from you and be there to capture your story with our cameras.

Andrea Verenini Wedding Photography


I come from the snow covered peaks of the Dolomites in northern Italy but spent my childhood living around the world and this has given me an innate passion for traveling to new places and experiencing diverse cultures. My unconventional upbringing has established in me a burning curiosity to explore and discover. Today I do this with my camera, which has become my way of capturing the world the way I see it: atmospheric, emotion filled, varied and beautiful. I used to be an Architect, but in my early 30s switched to my passion (photography) when I realised the biggest adventure in life is to follow your dreams.

What did you want to be as a child growing up?

I would have loved to be an acrobatic pilot or a musician, but I would have been pretty lousy at both… I hate rollercoasters and have horrible stage fright! When I was younger I used to fly paraglides in my native Dolomites, but today I fly FPV Drones instead. They satisfy both my love of flight and my curisosity to see the world in different ways. Music is still a big passion of mine. I still play my electric guitars daily as they allow me to switch off my visual mind, opening up new ways of expressing myself through sound waves.

Andrea Verenini Wedding Photography


I grew up in a little village close to Windsor Castle in the UK. I love music and dancing, and since a young age I spent my free time at dance classes and shows. When I wasn’t in my ballet shoes, I was scrambling up ancient trees in muddy boots exploring everything the beautiful English countryside had to offer. In time, my love for nature has turned into a passion for adventure and travel: be it camping in the UK, getting lost in the African wilderness, or watching sunrises over mystical Cambodian temples, you will always find my camera in tow. I met Andrea at university studying Fashion and Design and we have been inseparable ever since!

How did you get into Photography?

My dad always took pictures of our family growing up. I loved rifling through his photos and was fascinated by how a camera could freeze time and magically turn it into a memory. When I was old enough, my dad gave me his camera and my journey into photography began. At college I experimented with film, learning how to process and develop it in the dark room. Today, I mainly shoot digital, but my fascination for photography as a “memory-maker” never faded… in fact it keeps growing day by day.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me ‘me’.”

PIGLET, Winnie the Pooh


We work with unique couples around the world in a variety of weddings ranging from intimate Elopements to multi-day destination weddings and recognise the value of tailoring our photographic storytelling around you. For this reason we design and offer bespoke tailor made packages to make sure all of your needs taken care of.

Please get in touch, let us know about yourself and your plans, and find out what we can offer you.