Shot in Somerley House’s breathtaking estate on the edge of the New Forest, in this shoot we wanted to build upon the regal qualities of this magical place whilst at the same time bring its historic charm into the 21st century through modern editorial accents in our styling. The result is a high impact fashion shoot that seamlessly infuses classical and contemporary notions of beauty and style showcased in romantic photographs oozing raw emotion.

As an Italian photographer, I am deeply inspired by Caravaggio mastery of chiaroscuro to evoke strong emotional reactions within the viewer and instil a sense of mystery through the juxtaposition of strong light and shadow. 

Somerley has an exquisite quality of light and in Autumn this becomes even more apparent. It becomes that little bit more dramatic, allowing for this inspiration to be explored to the fullest. Within Somerley House, the Picture Gallery, with its distinct decor and in its exceptional (and somewhat unusual) available lighting, manifested great opportunities to create visually rich photographs in a more painterly style. We added a contemporary twist through the subtle use of editorial framing and high fashion accents in posing together with styling.

“Somerley has an exquisite quality of light”

As our main styled set, we decided to work in the stables as they appeared in stark contrast to the stately interiors of the house itself. Our aim was to transform this utilitarian Georgian brick shell into an intimate and highly romantic set for two inspired by Autumn’s cornucopia of golden and crimson colours.

Flowers played a fundamental part in this transformation. The floral arrangements were specifically designed to showcase the best of this season and bathe the stables in these lovely warm tones. Within this space, our focal arrangement was a deconstructed abstract floral ‘arch’ created in a wild and natural style with tumbling autumnal foraged foliage and studded with exquisite blooms. 

To complement the look, the bride held an asymmetric bouquet, filled with an abundance of textures and bound with natural hand dyed silk ribbons. 

“an asymmetrical bouquet, filled with an abundance of textures”

Candlelight was the main focus for the tablescape. Small floral arrangements were nestled among the candles and glistening fruit adorned the table, echoing elements from the old Dutch masters.

A key feature of the table setting was the cake, which was intentionally designed to be dark, moody with rich deep burgundy tones. The cake featured a raw edge ganache finish and a touch of gold to fit it in with the general ambiance. As the sun set, the dusky light perfectly highlighted the cake’s golden accents, and the climbing florals brought it all together to create a decadent pice in tune with the overall styling.

To reflect the grander of the estate we where shooting in, we selected a full length bridal gown designed by Rosa Clará. The dress displays an elegant cut with three quarter sleeves and an open back, and features a luxurious bodice characterised by intricate beaded details. The gown defines timelessly elegance, but can also be quite versatile: add a leather jacket for the evening and it quickly turns more edgy.


As for the bride’s hair and makeup, the main inspiration was to showcase elegance with a touch of royalty. Overall, the makeup was kept as natural as possible with the exception of the eyes, which where made smokey in order to draw emphasis to them. The hairstyle was loose and flowing to not distract from the bespoke golden hair crowns which added a majestic aura to the whole look. Throughout the day, as we moved and shot in different parts of Somerley, the hair changed. This was intentional, to highlight how versatile a thought-out hairstyle can be and how – within minutes – it can be adapted to change the overall look of the bride itself.


Photographer | Andrea Verenini Photography
Venue | Somerley House
Dress Designer | Rosa Clará
Shoe Designer | Rachael Simpson
Bridal Boutique | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Custom Accessories & Jewellery | Victoria Louise Accessories

HMUA | Gabby Gokool
Florals | Sage & Co
Cake | Hartt Cakes
Silk Ribbons | Laik Style
Furniture & Stationary | Lulabee
Tablewear | Crystal Hire




Andrea Verenini

Luxury photographer. Italian. Easy going. Eternally searching for unique couples to frame in breathtaking light and stunning scenery around the world. When not travelling, he can often be found obsessing over the latest crime-docuseries next to a Margherita pizza and a good Old Fashioned on the rocks.

Hi I’m Andrea, a portrait and fashion photographer specialised in weddings. I am based in the UK and Italy but work all over the world. My unique style blends classic painterly tones with more contemporary editorial techniques to create powerful cinematic photographs. I describe myself as a visual storyteller, documenting precious fleeting moments in your life through the art I love so much: photography.