I am fascinated by human connection and I am always exploring this theme through my work. This is why I love ‘Connection Shoots’ – a particular method of working that was taught to me by one of my professional heroes, the Canadian photographer Gabe McClintock. Despite some images might seem highly staged emotions, in fact they are all 100% real moments. The emotions you see are all real. Connection shoots are not about staging fake feelings. It is about creating a shooting environment for your couples which enables their genuine real emotions which they feel for one another to come out… and when they do emerge, they grow in intensity as the shoots goes on yielding some incredibly powerful images. This way of working – pioneered by Gabe McClintock – is a more intimate way of working with people. It is guaranteed to make even the most camera shy person relax fully and to produce high drama, high romance photographs. Another thing I particularly enjoy about this type of couple shoot pioneered by Gabe McClintock is the reaction I always get from my coupled. As weird as it sounds, it is not uncommon for my couples to tell me how much they enjoyed the experience because it made them fee particularly connected (hence the name) with one another in ways they haven’t felt for years. Making people happy through photography is one of the biggest drivers for me in my job. It brings me a lot of joy to heard back from my couples after the connection shoot with comments like: “It may seem strange I know, but something strange happened while we were shooting… it’s as if we fell in love all over again”. For a photographer who’s life work – or maybe it would be better to call it obsession – is capturing real moments of emotions between couples, it doesn’t get much better than that.

This particular connection shoot showcased here was between a couple who wanted to celebrate an important anniversary in their life. Thank you to Gabe McClintock for teaching me the way to achieve such incredibly powerful images. And thank you to all my amazing couples who keep trusting me with their shoots. It is such a privilege to produce these images for you.

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Andrea Verenini

Luxury photographer. Italian. Easy going. Eternally searching for unique couples to frame in breathtaking light and stunning scenery around the world. When not travelling, he can often be found obsessing over the latest crime-docuseries next to a Margherita pizza and a good Old Fashioned on the rocks.

Hi I’m Andrea, a portrait and fashion photographer specialised in weddings. I am based in the UK and Italy but work all over the world. My unique style blends classic painterly tones with more contemporary editorial techniques to create powerful cinematic photographs. I describe myself as a visual storyteller, documenting precious fleeting moments in your life through the art I love so much: photography.