Traditionally, the wedding season used to run from mid-spring to late-summer. Today, this is no longer the case, as more and more couples choose to break with tradition and get married year round. In particular, autumn weddings are quickly becoming a popular and fashionable alternatives to the more sought out summer ones. This post is dedicated to that just that: autumn wedding vibes

Personally, I love an autumn wedding. Yes the weather is getting a little more unpredictable, but it is one of my favourite times of the year to shoot. Why? Well, first of all the quality of light in autumn is stunning: soft and still warm but not as harsh as the summer months. Yes, the weather is a little cooler, but this means more opportunities to dress up in richer fabrics and alternative styes. Yes, the days are getting shorter, which is actually a good thing as it means we don’t have to wait until 10pm to have some stunning golden light to work in.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why I love an autumn wedding is because of the stunning colours nature gives us in autumn. This is the first thing that comes into mind when I think of this season. So, in this blog post, I want to share with you what I consider the quintessential autumn wedding look directly inspired by nature. The autumn vibe translates naturally into photographs which ooze hight end, high drama, fashion inspired looks with a strong season-inspired colour palettes of deep reds and warm oranges. Dried preserved flowers and grasses become a complementary style theme of choice for autumn weddings, and are used throughout this particular shoot in rich displays of floral headpieces and decorative designs which mimic nature’s cycle. All in all, these autumn wedding vibes translate into sensory rich images which will make you look at Autumn weddings in a whole new (and improved) light. But enough of me talking, it’s time to look at some pictures and bring on the autumn wedding vibes.

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Andrea Verenini

Luxury photographer. Italian. Easy going. Eternally searching for unique couples to frame in breathtaking light and stunning scenery around the world. When not travelling, he can often be found obsessing over the latest crime-docuseries next to a Margherita pizza and a good Old Fashioned on the rocks.

Hi I’m Andrea, a portrait and fashion photographer specialised in weddings. I am based in the UK and Italy but work all over the world. My unique style blends classic painterly tones with more contemporary editorial techniques to create powerful cinematic photographs. I describe myself as a visual storyteller, documenting precious fleeting moments in your life through the art I love so much: photography.